"Don't forget the Dash"


"Don't forget the dash"


Quotes "The kids were so excited every time a new a card was taken out, they would do anything to get that card. To have so much excitement towards such a valuable learning tool is truly ingenious. Thank you Jewish Gems!" Quotes
Ber Rosenblatt
Camp Gan Israel of Silicon Valley

Quotes The Jewish Gems cards worked out great for us! Was a great hit, and kept all our campers positively engaged! They were constantly trading, and it was a great incentive system. It also saved us a lot of money - being that the "rare" cards were used as prizes. Thanks! Quotes
Dovid Okunov
Camp F.R.E.E.

Quotes Excellent! In fact the kids loved them so much that they asked if there is a second series! The counselor used it as a davening incentive and he said it was just fantastic! Thank you so much! Quotes
Chaya Wolvovsky
CGI Silver Spring, MD