"Don't forget the Dash"


"Don't forget the dash"

About Jewish Gems


Always wondered how to create that perfect balance in camp or Hebrew School? How to give the kids a great time, while simultaneously instilling within them the rich values and traditions of our heritage?

Enter Jewish Gems, a revolutionary incentive and reward system. Jewish Gems is a set of 40 cards, covering many of the basics and fundamentals of Judaism. Equal parts fun and enlightening, this is something for kids of all backgrounds. 

The children earn the cards for good behavior, participation in class, as prizes in a contest, or simply as positive reinforcement. The cards are kept in a sleek album, so that the kids and their parents can enjoy them for years to come.

The real beauty is, that when presented properly, the cards become the hottest new thing; with kids trading their doubles between themselves; trying hard to get that new, rare card; and creating a great chayus around something so positive. The resulting energy is felt throughout the entire camp/school.

The top quality graphic design and printing is highly appealing, encouraging the kids to turn the card over and discover what's behind the image.

It is an incredibly effective way to convey these important messages, all while the child is loving every second of it.


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